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Vision & Mission

Essential Levels of Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In the real estate business we are specialist in the sale of commercial, industrial or business properties, there are thousands of real estate agents who dedicate themselves full time to the trade of real estate brokerage with diverse results, but a minimum fraction and according to calculations and statistics of experts only 5% globally manages to successfully enter this field considered highly specialized and especially because the profile of the client goes from being motivational to being a little cold calculating and financial, usually surrounded by expert people that will help you make the decision either to locate the place where you will set up your business, company or to define if that property will allow you to obtain the financial performance you are looking for.

What we target

One of the first recommendations that we can offer you is that if you wish to enter or follow the path of Real Estate Commercial you must develop competence such as the handling of financial concepts such as value of money over time, compound interest, internal rate of return, even if we talk about the appraisals. These are very different from the conventional ones, if you cannot manage or understand these concepts it is preferable that you continue to develop where you are, since understanding and managing these concepts will allow you to speak the same language of the entrepreneur and investor client.

We have coined this concept to define the agent that without an advanced or structured knowledge and with a simple tool that is his empirical experience he manages to close commercial real estate, an example is that the agent can sell a large land for real estate development, a building , a complex of commercial premises, or a complex of warehouses, the fleeting success of this real estate agent is based more on his expertise and the chance of finding a buyer with an urgent purchase, this type of transactions are very common but the agent does not it manages to maintain productivity over time since it is not a specialist and does not develop systems and processes that allow it to generate a greater volume of transactions due to the lack of specialized knowledge, resulting in the agent being in the implicit need to resort to residential businesses that eventually becomes the cash flow to sustain.

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